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AC Filter Capacitors / AC Power Film Capacitors :


Our AC Filter Capacitors and AC Power Electronics Capacitors are Plastic Enclosure and Dry construction design. For the advantage of these, please refer to Tech Consideration.

Typical Applications : 

  • Handling high RMS Current for high energy AC Filtering application
  • General purpose AC Application
  • Transient and Harmonic Damping
  • high power UPS and input / output filters
  • AC traction inverters
Advantages over metal can capacitors :

     o Plastic Capacitor Enclosure - safer

     o Dry Construction and no leaking fluids problem

     o Large capacitance in small package

     o High RMS Current handling capacity

     o Low ESR and Low Inductance

     o temperature range up to 105C

     o Flame Retardant

     o Longer Capacitor life   

Electrical Characteristics : ACF
  • Capacitance range : 3uF - 300uF

  • rated Voltage :

  • Vac 300 440 550 640 700 900
    Vdc 450 700 750 900 1000 1350
  • rated Temperature : -25C ~ +85C / -40C ~ +105C
  • Ripple RMS Current : up to 75A
  • Insulation Resistance : > 50,000Mohm at 500V 105C
  • Testing Voltage : Terminal to Terminal : 300Vac - 700Vac
  •                           2.15 x rated Vac or Vdc 60s at 25C
  •                           2.15 x rated Vac or Vdc 30s at 85C
  •                           2.15 x rated Vac or Vdc 10s at 105C
  • Testing Voltage : Terminal to Terminal : 900Vac
  •                           1.75 x rated Vac or Vdc 60s at 105C
  • Testing Voltage : Terminal to Case :
  •                           4500Vac at 50/60Hz for 60s at 105C
  • Life Expectancy : 150,000 hours at 70C
  •                           100,000 hours at 85C
  •                           50,00 hours at 105C
  • Accelerated Life : 1.25 x Vac at 70C for 30,000 hours
  •                            1.25 x Vac at 85C for 10,000 hours
  •                            1.25 x Vac at 105C for 2,000 hours
  • Specification

ACL : Low AC Voltage High Pulse Current Capacitors

This series is for Low AC Voltage High Pulse Current application. Please contact us for details

We manufacture AC Filter Capacitors for wide variety of applications with different Capacitances, Voltages, Discharge Energy ranges, dv/dt, Pulse Discharge Currents, RMS Currents, frequency ranges, size restriction and even capacitor mountings.

Different applications has different capacitor electrical and mechanical requirements, please feel free to send your need for a suggestion and quotation.

For DC Filter application, please refer to our DC Filter Capacitors.

There are some other capacitor package configurations and capacitor photos available for your consideration.

Please contact us for details.

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