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Pulse Grade Capacitors /

Energy Discharge Capacitors :

Typical Applications : 

  • Capacitors can be direct short discharged at rated voltage without any protective component

  • high Pulse discharge Current

  • high dv/dt application

  • high Electrical Energy Discharge at low repetition rate

  • high intensity Lighting equipment

  • Welding Energizer Equipment

  • Electric Fence Energizer Capacitors

  • Defibrillator

  • Multi-Mini Capacitors / MMC Capacitors STP-02Q_ series

Electrical Connection and Installations :
  • Supporting various kind Capacitor Configuration, electrical connections and mounting options so as to increase your design flexibility
Capacitor Configurations :
  • STP-02R : Cylindrical package + Electrical Connection at one end - Electric Fence Capacitors
  • STP-02RM : smaller size version of STP-02R - Electric Fence Capacitors
  • STP-02Q : Axial package + tin plated copper leads at both ends ( Axial capacitor )
  • STP-02QE : Axial package + electrical wires ( Terminal options) at both ends ( Axial capacitor )
  • STP-02QT / STP-02QI : Axial package + Electrical Terminals at both ends - for higher dv/dt, Ipp and Irms.
  • STP-02BC : Box package + small copper pins for direct PCB soldering
  • STP-02B : Box package + tab Terminals - for higher discharge current
  • STP-02D : Epoxy Resin dipped - for small capacitance
  • There are some other capacitor configurations for your choice.

Electrical Characteristics :
  • Rated Voltage : 400 - 1600Vdc / 220 - 570Vac

  • Capacitance range : 0.1 - 200uF

  • high peak pulse Discharge Current Ipp up to 3000A

  • Temperature range : -25C~85C / -40C~105C

  • low capacitor loss

For 2000Vdc to 30,000Vdc capacitor current or energy discharge  application, please refer to the High Voltage Pulse Discharge Capacitors.

In case, the capacitor need to be worked at mid frequency range with RMS / ripple current requirement, please refer to Pulse Current Capacitors.

We can support other Voltage, Capacitance, dv/dt, Ipp and configurations requirement. Please contact us for details.

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