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GTO Snubber Capacitors :

Typical Applications : 

  • handle high peak surge current, RMS current and surge voltage with Temperature up to 105C
  • GTO and IGCT Thyristors snubber circuit
  • Clamping (Secondary snubber)
  • Motor Control and Static Drive application
  • traction industry
  • high ripple current DC filtering
  • medium frequency converter
  • medium frequency tuning
  • Pulsed Lasers
Capacitor Configurations :
  • STG-A, STG-01A, STG-02A : Cylindrical package with Screw Nut at both ends
  • STG-01BT : Box package + Screw Threads
  • STG-01BN : Box package + Screw Nuts
Electrical Characteristics :

Other Electrical Characteristics :

o Capacitance Tolerance : 5% and 10%

o Operate Temperature : +70C / +85C / +105C

                                       depends on capacitor materials

o Support high dv/dt requirement

o Testing Voltage :

o            Terminal to Terminal Vtt : Vsurge 10s

o            Terminal to Case Vtc : 4500Vac at 105C 60s

o High Insulation Resistance

o Low ESR and Low Inductance

o Reference Standard : IEC61071 and IEC61881

o higher Voltage and Current ranges are available on request

We can customize GTO Capacitors according to your application need.

For any capacitance, voltage, dv/dt and RMS Current not listed in specification, please feel free to contact us, we might have a solution for your need.

Production Lead Time will be about 40 - 75 days, depending on order quantity, material and production status.

For IGCT Capacitors, feel free to e-mail us for any inquiry.

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