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IGBT Snubber Capacitors : SMKP2

Typical Applications : 

  • For protection against voltage transients in low to medium current IGBT modules and applications where high dv/dt is encountered
  • large terminals for electrical connection which can withstand higher capacitor current
Electrical Characteristics :
  • Capacitance range : 0.1uF ~ 3uF

  • Capacitance Tolerance : +/-5% J

  • Voltage Range :









  • temperature range : -20C ~ +85C / -40C ~ +105C

  • Testing Voltage : 1.6 x Vdc 60s at +85C / +105C

  • Services Life : 30,000 hours at rated Vac 70C

  •                     60,000 hours at rated Vdc 70C

  • Life Expectancy : 125% rated Vac 85C 3000 hours

  •                        125% rated Vac 105C 2000 hours

  • Very Low ESR and low inductance

  • high dv/dt, Ipeak and Irms ( details figures, please refer to our specification sheets )

  • High Insulation Resistance

  • Extended double sided metallized carrier film with internal series connection and metallized film construction

  • Specification

For capacitance larger than 3uF, please refer to GTO Snubber Capacitors and Snubber Capacitors.

 For any capacitance, voltage, dv/dt, Ipeak and Irms combination not listed in our catalogue, please contact us for details.

Prompt Delivery 45-60 days !

For further details, please e-mail us.

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