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DC Link Film Capacitors

Medium Power Film Capacitors :

DLFF : with screw Nuts at Capacitor End

DLFF-A : Axial lead DC Link Film Capacitors

Our Medium Power Film Capacitors and DC Link Capacitors are Plastic Enclosure and Dry construction design. For the advantage please refer to Tech Consideration.


Typical Applications : 
  • Automotive, Industrial and alternative energy application

  • Converter and Inverter circuit

  • DC Link Bus circuit

  • Smoothing and Filtering circuit

  • Wind Power systems

  • Welding machines

  • can be a better replacement for electrolytic capacitor

  • DC / AC application

  • support temperature up to 105C

advantage over Electrolytic Capacitor :
  • very low ESR
  • Lower dielectric and resistive loss
  • large capacitance volume ratio
  • higher ripple Current per capacitance
  • support higher voltage range up to 1400Vdc
  • high Insulation Resistance
  • longer lifetime
  • non polar dielectric
  • use segmented self-healing metallized polypropylene film
  • dry construction and not more electrolyte leakage problem
  • Capacitor is encased with plastic case and epoxy resin. It is safer for installation and maintenance personnel when compare with Aluminium Enclosure Capacitor.

For more details about advantage of Plastic Enclosure and Dry Capacitors, please click here.

Electrical Characteristics :
  • DLFF series : with Large Screw Electrical Terminals

  • Rated Voltage : 600Vdc - 1400Vdc

  • Capacitance range : 50uF - 1100uF

  • Testing Voltage :

  •   -Terminal to Terminal: 1.5 x Vn 10s +85C/ +105C

  •   -Terminal to Case: 4500Vac 60s +85C / +105C

  • Temperature range: -25C - +85C / -40C - +105C

  • maximum ripple Current Irms up to 80A

  • Life Expectance:

  •  - 100,000hrs rated Vdc +85C / +105C

  •  - 30,000hrs rated Vac +85C / +105C

  • Accelerated Life: 1.25 x Vac 5,000hrs +85C/ +105C

  • Reference Standard : IEC 61071

  • Specification

  • DLFF-A : Axial Lead DC Link Film Capacitors

  • Rated Voltage : 50/60Hz
    400Vdc 600Vdc 700Vdc 800Vdc
    160Vac 240Vac 285Vac 315Vac

  • Capacitance range : 15uF - 40uF

  • Temperature range: -25C - +85C / -40C - +105C

  • maximum ripple Current Irms up to 16A

Options :
  • Thermocouple can be built-in

  •   - capacitor internal temperature can be measured

  •   - output temperature signal can be used as one of the reference signals in the circuit and trigger other control function.

  • Support Axial Lead requirement

  • there are some other capacitor configurations for your application choice

For frequency and small capacitance requirement, please refer to Pulse Current Capacitors.

Contact us for more information on Voltage, Capacitance, Irms and Capacitor configurations.

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