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DC Filter Capacitors DCF DCL



The above capacitors can be used as Pulse Current Capacitors

Typical Applications :

     o high ripple current and medium range frequency application

     o Switch-mode Power Supply SMPS filtering circuitry

     o High Current DC / AC Filtering

     o Welding Equipment and EDM machinery

     o High Current Tank Circuit

     o High Pulse Current application

     o support high temperature 105C requirement

     o DCF-03 / DCF-04 series can be used :

     o It is designed for 20Hz ~ 100kHz frequency range

     o Multi-Mini Capacitors / MMC Capacitors module

        for axial lead requirement, please refer to STP-01Q & STP-02Q

Properties and Electrical Characteristics :

DCL-AB with Screw Bolts / DCL-AN with Screw Nuts

     o Capacitance range : 40uF ~ 150uF

     o Rated Voltage : 800 ~ 1450Vdc

     o higher RMS current up to 80A

     o It can be used as DC Filter Capacitor and DC Link Capacitor

     o Specification

DCF-03QI / DCF-03QL / DCF-03QT

     o Capacitance range : 1.0uF ~ 30uF

     o Rated Voltage : 100 ~ 400Vdc  /  70 ~ 250Vac

     o high RMS current up to 30A

     o higher RMS current when compare with DCF-04

     o higher frequency range when compare with DCL series

     o support Axial Lead requirement DCF-03Q

     o Specification

DCF-04QI / DCF-04QL / DCF-04QT

     o Capacitance range : 0.68uF ~ 30uF

     o Rated Voltage : 250 ~ 700Vdc  /  160 ~ 400Vac

     o RMS Current up to 13A

     o smaller size & higher voltage range when compare with DCF-03

     o higher frequency range when compare with DCL series

     o support Axial Lead requirement DCF-04Q

     o Specification

Electrical Characteristics :

     o temperature range -25C~+85C / -40C~+105C

     o low ESR and low inductance

DCF-03 / DCF-04 capacitors can be customized as Low Voltage High Capacitance Capacitors or Low Voltage High Pulse Current Capacitors with heavy duty Nut Terminals for high RMS Current application up to 100A.

Support Double Metallized Film requirement, which can have even larger ripple Capacitor current.

For MMC Capacitors application, we can support axial leads configuration.

Thermocouple can be built in, capacitor internal temperature can be measured. The output temperature signal can be used as one of the reference signals in the circuit and trigger other function.

There are some other capacitor configurations available for Pulse Current Capacitor. Please refer to the more capacitor photos page.

For AC Voltage filter application, please refer to the AC Filter Capacitors. This capacitor series support up to 300uF, 700Vac and 75Arms.

For higher voltage requirement, please refer to the Snubber Capacitors (700Vdc~3000Vdc) and High Voltage Filter Capacitors (3000Vdc~20,000Vdc).

For even higher capacitor current requirement, please refer to :

- GTO Snubber Capacitors : medium frequency range

- DC Link Capacitors : high Capacitance, large ripple current with frequency range from 50Hz - 1KHz.

For high pulse discharge current and energy discharge application, with lower repetition rate, high dv/dt and high peak discharge current, please refer to Energy Discharge Capacitors / Pulse Grade Capacitors. This series of capacitor can be direct discharged or short circuit discharged at the rated voltage without any protective components.

If you would like to have more details about Pulse Current Capacitors / DC Filter Capacitors with capacitance 30uF - 900uF, feel free to contact us.

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