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Power RC Snubbers : STRC / STRCX2

This series can be customized and support small quantity order.

Typical Applications : 

  • interference suppression
  • spark elimination and transient phenomena in power switch and relay
  • arc suppressing for industrial heavy duty application, blocking, coupling, bypassing, transient and dV/dt suppression for power Thyristor and Triac in snubber circuit.
  • Designed for heavy duty application
Electrical Characteristics :
  • Single phase and Three phase available
  • Suitable for AC and DC voltage application
  • Capacitance value : 0.1 - 2.0uF
  • Resistance and rate power of Resistor : 1 - 50W ( can be customized to 100W or above )
  • Voltage: 63Vac, 125Vac, 280Vac, 480Vac, 500Vac, 600Vac

  • Operating temperature : -25~+85C / -40~+105C

  • Testing Voltage : : 1.5 x Un 10sec ( can be customized  )
  • Single phase and Three phase internal connection
  • Varistor options available
  • Specification

There are some other RC Snubber pictures.

Some of the RC Snubber configuration.

Please contact us for details.

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