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HK Film Capacitor / HKFC

Maintaining high quality and prompt delivery since 1995.
We are manufacturer of Power Electronic Capacitors for High Voltage and High Current applications.

Our engineers design various types of film foil capacitors to suit for various applications. Their jobs not only concentrate on capacitors' electrical characteristic and performance but also mechanical need. Different electrical connections and capacitor installation options can be provided to increase your design flexibility.
Customized Design is always welcome.

We support a wide range of capacitor package styles and connection terminals for your design and application requirements.

All our Power Electronic Capacitors are Plastic Encased and Dry design.

For the advantage of Plastic Enclosure and Dry Capacitors, please click here.

Our Mission :

Our mission and goal is to achieve customer satisfaction in terms of stable quality, design flexibility and innovative, lead time reliability and competitive price.

High Temperature Power Electronic Capacitors :

Most of our Power Electronic Capacitors meet high voltage, high current and 105C requirement and can be classified into four Categories :

High Current Polypropylene Capacitors / Heavy Current Capacitors :

- IGBT Snubber Capacitors / IGBT Capacitors
- GTO Snubber Capacitors / GTO Capacitors

- IGCT Snubber Capacitors / IGCT Capacitors
- SCR Snubber Capacitors / SCR Capacitors
- Thyristor Snubber Capacitors / Commutation Capacitors

- Snubber Capacitors - Axial leads for PCB through hole for SMPS application
- Pulse Capacitors / Pulse Current Capacitors

- DC Filter Capacitors

- AC Filter Capacitors

- Medium Frequency High Voltage Film Capacitors : with current up to 15Arms
- Medium Power Film Capacitors

- DC Link Film Capacitors

- Furnace Capacitors

- Welder Capacitors

High Voltage Film Capacitors :

- High Voltage Filter Capacitors

- High Voltage Pulse Current Capacitors

- High Voltage Medium Current Capacitors

- High Voltage Energy Discharge Capacitors

- High Voltage Polypropylene Capacitors

- High Voltage Snubber Capacitors
Energy Discharge Capacitors :

- Pulse Grade Capacitors / Electric Fence Capacitors
- Energy Discharge Capacitors / Current Discharge Capacitors

- High Voltage Energy Discharge Capacitors

Other Capacitors :

- Snubber Modules / Dual Snubber Modules

- Surge Arrestor Modules

- Power RC Snubbers ( with Varistor options ) and can be customized.

- Motor Run Capacitors : Cylindrical and Box

For more technical details about our power film capacitors, please click here.

Capacitor Brands :

HK Film Capacitor - for cylindrical type Power Electronic capacitors

HKFC - for small box type capacitors

ST Capacitor - for Epoxy Dipped film capacitors
Contact Information :
Company : HK Film Capacitor Limited
Telephone : +852 2795 8793
Fax : +852 2795 8189
Web Site : www.filmcapacitor-st.com
Email :
Address : 1st Floor, National Industrial Building,
No. 23 Hing Yip Street,
Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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