Typical Applications : STHVP series

High Voltage Pulse Energy Discharge and RMS Current for medium frequency application
High Voltage DC / AC Voltage application
Capacitor can be discharged at rated voltage directly without any protective component and with ambient Temperature up to +105C
High Voltage Decoupling and Snubbering
Voltage Multiplier
Induction heating
Act as discharge capacitor to trigger laser, X-Ray and Tesla Coil
For high voltage capacitor bank or array
High Voltage Power Supplies

Electrical Characteristics : STHVP series

Plastic Capacitor Enclosure - safer
Dry Construction and don't have leakage fluid problem

Medium Frequency range and RMS Current rating
Capacitance : 0.033uF - 1.0uF ( can be customized )
Voltage range : 2,500Vdc to 23kVdc / 1kVac to 7kVac
RMS Current - Irms : up to 95Arms
peak to peak discharge current - Ipp : up to 5400App
Temperature ranges : +70C / +85C / +105C

For STHVE series, High Voltage Capacitors for High Pulse Current / Energy discharge with low discharge repetition rate.

For Voltage below 2kVdc, please refer to our Pulse Grade Capacitors.

Different circuit designs and applications can have very different capacitor parameter requirements.
Please feel free to send your details for a suggestion.

We manufacture High Voltage Film Capacitors for wide variety of High Voltage power applications with different rated Capacitances, Voltages, Discharge Energy, dv/dt, Pulse Discharge Currents, RMS Currents, Frequency ranges, size restriction, temperature ranges and even capacitor configurations.
Different applications can have very different capacitor electrical and mechanical profile requirements.
Please feel free to send your application details for a suggestion and quotation.

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