Typical Applications :

  • Interference suppression
  • Spark elimination and transient phenomena in power switch and relay
  • Arc suppressing for industrial heavy duty application, blocking, coupling, bypassing, transient and dv/dt suppression for power Thyristor and Triac in snubber circuit.
  • Designed for heavy duty application
  • Absorb transient voltage and current from Thyristor
  • Application where high dv/dt is encountered
  • SMPS Snubber circuit

Electrical Characteristics :

Single phase and Three phase available
Suitable for AC and DC voltage application
Resistance and rate power of Resistor : 1 - 50W ( can be customized to 100W or above )
Voltage: 63Vac, 125Vac, 280Vac, 480Vac, 500Vac, 600Vac
Operating temperature : -25~+85C / -40~+105C
Testing Voltage : : 1.5 x Un 10sec ( can be customized  )
Varistor and Diode options available

Different applications can have very different electrical and mechanical profile requirements.
Please feel free to send your application details for a suggestion and quotation.






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