HK Film Capacitor

We are High Power Electronic Capacitors manufacturer for High Voltage and High Current applications since 1995.

Our engineers design various types of film foil capacitors to suit for different applications. Their jobs not only concentrate on capacitors' electrical characteristic and performance but also mechanical need. Different electrical connections and capacitor installation options can be provided to increase your design flexibility. Customized Design is always welcome.
We support a wide range of Capacitor Package Styles and Terminal Connection options for your design and application requirements.

All our Power Electronic Capacitors are Plastic Encased and Dry design. For the advantage of Plastic Enclosure and Dry Capacitors, please click here.

What makes our High Current Capacitors, High Voltage Capacitors and Power Electronic Capacitors different?
Most of our capacitors have RMS Current and the associated ambient temperature information in our specification. There is only a handful of capacitor manufacturers can rate their capacitors as we did.
All our High Power Capacitors and High Voltage Capacitors are Dry-Construction and don't have leakage fluid problem.
For more details about our capacitors, please refer to our capacitor selection page.

Our Mission :
Our mission and goal are to achieve customer satisfaction regarding stable quality, design flexibility and innovative, lead time reliability and competitive price.

Capacitor Brands :
HK Film Capacitor - for High Power Electronic Capacitors
ST Capacitor - for Epoxy Dipped film capacitors

Contact Information :
HK Film Capacitor Ltd.
Telephone: +852 2795 8793
Fax: +852 2795 8189
Email: sales(at)

Hong Kong Film Capacitor has more than 25 years R&D and production experience in High Power, High Voltage and High Current Polypropylene Capacitors. We invest many resources on our Capacitor development, testing and production yearly. Most of our capacitors are plastic enclosure with high quality insulation epoxy resin. We can meet your high reactive power, high voltage, high current, low leakage current and hostile environments like +105C and high humidity requirements. All our capacitors will have not just capacitance and voltage ratings; the datasheet also has RMS Current, Peak Pulse Current, dv/dt, low leakage current and other essential ratings as well.