High Voltage AC Snubber Capacitors STP-01Rxx series :
Cylindrical type with connections at capacitor both ends

Typical Applications :
High Voltage SCR Snubber, Thyristor controlled rectifier circuits, High Current Snubber circuit, Reduce or eliminate voltage or current spikes, Harmonic Filter, Inverter, Converter, AC Filter


Electrical Characteristics :
Capacitance range : 0.1uF – 8uF
Rated Voltage : 1000Vac – 5000Vac
Peak Current : up to 5500App
Ripple RMS Current : 7A - 18A
Capacitance Tolerance : +/-5%; +/-10%
Operating Temperature : +70C


We manufacture High AC Current Capacitors with different rated Capacitances, AC Voltages, RMS Current capacities, Frequency ranges, Temperature ranges size restriction and Capacitor Configurations.
Different applications can have very different capacitor electrical and mechanical profile requirements.
There are more AC Capacitors for your consideration, please feel free to send your application details for a suggestion and quotation.

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Hong Kong Film Capacitor www.filmcapacitor-st.com has more than 25 years R&D and production experience in High Power, High Voltage and High Current Polypropylene Capacitors. We invest many resources on our Capacitor development, testing and production yearly. Most of our capacitors are plastic enclosure with high quality insulation epoxy resin. We can meet your high reactive power, high voltage, high current, low leakage current and hostile environments like +105C and high humidity requirements. All our capacitors will have not just capacitance and voltage ratings; the datasheet also has RMS Current, Peak Pulse Current, dv/dt, low leakage current and other essential ratings as well.