Typical Applications :

  • This series of capacitors are designed for medium frequency range, high ripple current, high peak current carrying capability and easy installation
  • Plastic Enclosure, Dry construction design and doesn't have any leakage problem when compared with traditional Metal Enclosure Oil impregnated capacitors.
  • SCR and Thyristor Snubber / Damping / Commutating / Clamping / Semiconductor protection
  • Inverter and Converter
  • Induction heat Equipment
  • Harmonic Filter

Electrical Characteristics : STP-01R series

Handle high surge current, RMS current and surge voltage with Temperature up to +105C
Medium Frequency range and RMS Current rating
Capacitance : 0.1uF - 1.5uF ( can be customized )
Voltage range : 1,000Vdc to 2,600Vdc / 660Vrms to 1,100Vrms
RMS Current - Irms : up to 16Arms
peak to peak pulse current - Ipp : up to 720App
Temperature ranges : +85C ( can be customized )

We can customize Snubber Capacitor as Box or Epoxy Dipped type, and support other parameters requirement.
Different applications can have very different capacitor electrical and mechanical profile requirements.
There are more Snubber Capacitors for your consideration, please click here.
Production Lead Time will be about 30 - 50 days, depending on order quantity, material and production status.
Please feel free to send your application details; we might have a solution for your need.


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