Capacitor Installation :

  • Our Capacitor can be installed in any orientation
  • Using correct Current rated Power Cables/Busbars to connect to the capacitor terminals
  • Make sure the capacitor connections are in good condition and tight
  • Our Capacitors come with Plastic Casing and don't need Grounding
  • Keep the capacitor away from other heat generated components or heat source

Electrical Connections / Installation Screw Bolts and Nuts Tightening Torque comparison :   

Bolt / Nut Size

Our Plastic Enclosure Capacitors
Connection and Installation

Other Metal Enclosure Capacitors
Connection and Installation
M6 9Nm 4 - 6Nm
M8 12Nm ( for installation : 7Nm ) 4 - 6Nm ( for installation, only 4Nm)
M10 15Nm 7 - 8Nm
M12 14 - 18Nm ( for installation : 8Nm ) 10Nm ( for installation, only 4Nm)


Hong Kong Film Capacitor has more than 25 years R&D and production experience in High Power, High Voltage and High Current Polypropylene Capacitors. We invest many resources on our Capacitor development, testing and production yearly. Most of our capacitors are plastic enclosure with high quality insulation epoxy resin. We can meet your high reactive power, high voltage, high current, low leakage current and hostile environments like +105C and high humidity requirements. All our capacitors will have not just capacitance and voltage ratings; the datasheet also has RMS Current, Peak Pulse Current, dv/dt, low leakage current and other essential ratings as well.