All our Capacitors :

Power Electronic Capacitor Application Notes : 

  • Choosing capacitors through a Conservative Design Approach can extend Capacitor long-run stability, especially for High RMS Current application.
    There should have enough safe margin or de-rating factors for all the importance AC Capacitor parameters, Reactive Power, AC-Voltage, Frequency, RMS Current, Ambient Temperature, and Peak-to-Peak Pulse Voltage and Peak-to-Peak Pulse Current.
  • Two capacitors with the same Capacitance and Voltage do not mean they have the same RMS Current, Frequency, Temperature, and Discharge Current Capacity.
  • Both Reversal Current and Voltage has to take into account.
  • The full application voltage ( including superimposed AC voltage and other surge voltage ) should within the capacitor rated voltage.
  • For the Power Electronic Capacitor description, it is not just Capacitance and Voltage, but also RMS Current, Peak Current, dv/dt, Temperature etc...
  • It is essential to keep the capacitors be run at any application below its rated RMS Current, Pulse Discharge Current, Temperature and Voltage (including AC, DC, Pulse, Transient and kick back) range.
  • Different Capacitor Functions can have a very distinct electrical and/or mechanical requirement.
  • A capacitor is subjected to Over-Current can cause severe damage. Please feel free to tell more about your requirement like :
    Capacitance, Voltage ( DC, ACrms, AC Ripple, Pulse (peak to peak), Transient), RMS Current, Peak Current, Temperature, max. Frequency, Capacitor Function in your application and capacitor size limitation if any.
    Other considerations: the Frequency, Current loading are continuous, continual, intermittent or low repetition rate and Ambient Temperature
  • All HKFC Capacitors comply with the RoHS - Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive.

Capacitors can withstand Direct Short :

  • Most of our Energy Discharge Capacitors, Pulse Grade Capacitors and High Voltage Energy Discharge capacitors can withstand direct short discharge at the rated voltage even without any protective component is in place.

Tailor-Made Design Capacitors :                                             

We can make Power Electronics Film Capacitors and High Voltage Capacitors according to customer's Electrical and mechanical specifications. There are various electrical connections and capacitor installations options for our power film capacitors. Please refer to our Capacitor configurations page.


Hong Kong Film Capacitor has more than 25 years R&D and production experience in High Power, High Voltage and High Current Polypropylene Capacitors. We invest many resources on our Capacitor development, testing and production yearly. Most of our capacitors are plastic enclosure with high quality insulation epoxy resin. We can meet your high reactive power, high voltage, high current, low leakage current and hostile environments like +105C and high humidity requirements. All our capacitors will have not just capacitance and voltage ratings; the datasheet also has RMS Current, Peak Pulse Current, dv/dt, low leakage current and other essential ratings as well.