HK Film Capacitor Power Electronic Capacitors vs other Metal Enclosure Oil Filled Power Capacitors :

Our Power Electronic Capacitors
- Durable Plastic Enclosure and Dry design
Metal Enclosure Oil impregnated Power Capacitors
Strong Plastic Enclosure - Safer Metal Enclosure - Unsafe, especially for High Voltage applications
Higher Insulation Resistance between Capacitor Terminals and Capacitor Body, crucial for High Voltage and High Ambient Temperature application - Low Insulation Resistance between Capacitor Terminals and Capacitor Body
- Capacitor Insulation Resistance will decrease as ambient temperature increase, that makes the situation worse
High Insulation Voltage between Capacitor Two Terminals, and between the Capacitor Terminals and Capacitor Body - much Safer Low Insulation Voltage
Very low Leakage Current between Capacitor Terminals and Plastic Enclosure High Leakage Current between Capacitor Terminals and Metal Enclosure. This can shorten capacitor life.
Smaller ESR and ESL Larger ESR and ESL due to the complicated internal connection mechanisms
Our Capacitor can be operated up to 85C, depends on customer's application requirement Low operating Temperature, some of the capacitors can be operated up to 85C, but most of Metal Enclosure Capacitors in the markets even cannot withstand 65C.
Smaller Thermal Resistance Rth, even at 85C Higher Thermal Resistance Rth
Doesn't have or less clearance and creepage requirement Larger clearance and creepage requirement
Plastic Capacitor Enclosure doesn't need Grounding Metal Capacitor Enclosure needs to be Grounding.
Plastic Capacitor Enclosure doesn't have rust and oxidation problem. Metal Enclosure will have oxidation and rust problems
Filled with Epoxy Resin - Dry Design Filled with Oil Impregnant
Doesn't have the impregnant liquid leakage problem Impregnant leakage problems - especially toxic oil impregnant spillage on-site, this can be a disaster to the End User, Application manufacturer and Capacitor manufacturer
Dry Design more environmental friendly Impregnant Oil is not environmentally friendly
All plastic parts, both Plastic Enclosure and Epoxy resin are UL94-V0 grade Cannot meet UL94-V0 grade
Our Capacitor can be installed in any orientation Have installation orientation restriction
Our Capacitor can withstand stronger external continuously vibration when compared with Metal Case Oil impregnated capacitors
Cannot withstand stronger external continuously vibration
More reliable, compact, lighter weight and more energy efficient Less reliable, compact and Volumetric efficient
Longer capacitor life Shorter capacitor life - Metal Enclosure has rust, oxidation or oil leakage problem




Hong Kong Film Capacitor has more than 25 years R&D and production experience in High Power, High Voltage and High Current Polypropylene Capacitors. We invest many resources on our Capacitor development, testing and production yearly. Most of our capacitors are plastic enclosure with high quality insulation epoxy resin. We can meet your high reactive power, high voltage, high current, low leakage current and hostile environments like +105C and high humidity requirements. All our capacitors will have not just capacitance and voltage ratings; the datasheet also has RMS Current, Peak Pulse Current, dv/dt, low leakage current and other essential ratings as well.