Power Electronic Capacitors with 105C Operation Temperature range :

  • Most of our Power Electronic Capacitors can withstand High RMS Current, High Voltage, and High dv/dt requirement and with Temperature up to +105C.
  • There is no Polypropylene Film Power Capacitor and High Voltage Capacitor in the market with the +105C rating.
  • Capacitor's internal temperature will increase together with the capacitor current, and higher temperature rating means the Capacitor can be worked more stable at customer's application.
  • Over Current and Over Temperature (ambient temperature together with capacitor internal temperature) can cause capacitor failure.
  • Force cooling can be useful but not a must for our High Current Capacitors at +105C.
  • Water Cooling is not necessary for all our High Current Capacitors.
  • Power Electronic Capacitors, not just Capacitance and Voltage, but also the Capacitor Current and Temperature rating.
  • Thermo Sensor can be embedded into the capacitor body. The output temperature signal can be used to trigger other control functions.
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